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Thoracoscopy is a medical procedure involving internal examination, biopsy, and/or resection of disease or masses within the pleural cavity and thoracic cavity.

Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) is an MIS technique performed using a small video camera that is introduced into the patient's chest via a thoracoscope inserted through separate holes in the chest wall also known as "ports" through which other instruments may be inserted for the purpose of tissue removal and manipulation. These small ports are advantageous because the chance for infection and wound dehiscence are drastically reduced. This allows for a faster recovery by the patient and a greater chance for the wound to heal.

STEMA Medizintechnik GmbH, Germany is the leading manufacturer of finest quality thoracoscopic instrumentation made of high quality stainless steel adhering to the most stringent quality standards at most affordable prices. STEMA offers a wide selection of operating room surgical instrumentation covering a range of thoracoscopic surgical applications including autoclavable thoracoscopes, rigid & flexible trocars, electrodes, modular hand instruments, retractors, bipolar instruments, needle holders etc.

Some of the most prominent features of STEMA's range of thoracoscopy instrumentation speaks volumes about its might in this intricate & highly specialized surgical domain:

- Highly sensitive & responsive instrumentation giving a true feel while grasping, clamping & cutting.
- Incredibly strong & stable instrumentation designed ergonomically keeping operating surgeon's comfort in mind.
- An extensive product line offering a choice of surgical instrumentation to suit any surgical anatomy.
- Angled shafts help reach more of the chest area with the exceptional tip design & various lengths.
- Superior functional safety & durability through streamlined tip design

tharaco_2 Laparoscopes

STEMA's high quality autoclavable laparoscopes features an well-established rod-lens system integrated into an amply durable solid stainless steel enclosure available in different diameters, working lengths & viewing angles with / without current generation high-definition optics.


Rigid & Flexible Thorax Trocars

STEMA's high quality stainless steel rigid trocars are available in various diameters of 6, 11 & 13mm in 50mm working length. Flexible trocar range includes the disposable silicone tube in 6 & 11mm diameter in varying lengths of 70 & 100mm



Reusable Thoracoscopic Hand Instruments

Reusable thoracoscopic hand instruments product line are a result of exemplary workmanship in a superior 2-piece, 30 degree-angled design of an insulated outer tube with insert & an ergonomic handle offering the following benefits :

  • Excellent workmanship in 2-piece design utilizing same handles as used in Laparoscopy thereby offering an enormous cost savings in future up gradations.
  • Ergonomic handle with superior solid palm grip for easy maneuverability of the shaft (or with tissue) during long thoracoscopic procedures.
  • Proven ball-socket attachment of the insert to the handle.
  • Threaded screw-type sturdy engagement of the insert with the outer tube offering insert stability against a wear-prone click-fit arrangement.
  • Ultra responsive jaw-action reducing the surgical fatigue by minimizing the finger-thumb discomfort caused due to continuous instrument operation.
  • Finger – rotatable design.
  • Gold-pated monopolar electrode connection offering seamless conductivity by preventing energy dissipation due to inconsistent HF contact.
  • Different designs in 5 mm diameter configurations with 250 & 330mm working lengths.


Thoracoscopic Needle Holders

  • Solid stainless steel 30 degree-angled design.
  • Proven ball-socket joint design imparting spring action.
  • Available in Tc (Tungsten Carbide) & non-Tc configurations with straight, left curved, right curved & self-adjusting tip designs for all laparoscopic surgical applications.
  • Different handles to suit to varied suturing techniques adopted by the surgeons which includes – axial & ring handles

tharaco_6 Thoracoscopic Retractors )

  • Pure stainless steel complete take-apart design offering unmatched rigidity & strength during tough organ mobilization.
  • Available in 3 finger, 5 finger or loop design; working lengths of 330, 380 & 440mm; diameter of 5mm or 10mm; articulating or non-articulating configurations


Bipolar Thoracoscopic Instruments

STEMA's reusable thoracoscopic bipolar hand instruments product range is a high quality 4-piece design in an unparalleled insulated inner tube, outer tube, sturdy insert & an ergonomic handle offering the following benefits :
  • Safe & efficient operation through a modular 4-piece design.
  • Insulation all throughout the shaft assembly till cable contact point minimizing the risk of any leakage current.
  • Ergonomic light-weight handle design for complicated surgical anatomy.
  • Easy assembly & disassembly through a regular click-fit insert-load mechanism.
  • Finger – rotatable action.
  • Threaded screw-type sturdy engagement of the bipolar cable ensuring stable HF contacts.
  • 5mm diameter configurations with 340 mm working lengths in different jaw types – dissector, tubal ligation, scissors (with or without Tc – Tungsten Carbide), plate, needle etc. for varied surgical procedures.
  • Ultra responsive tip design - Complete jaw action with the minimum movement of the handle-lever thereby reducing the surgical fatigue by minimizing the finger-thumb discomfort caused due to continuous scissor operation.
tharaco_8 Thoracoscopy Accessories
  • Graduated palpation probe of 5mm dia. in working lengths of 300 & 330mm.
  • 30 degree-angled electrodes in 5mm dia. in different configurations with/without suction/irrigation or exchageable systems specific to thoracoscopic approach.
  • 30 degree-angled puncture needle & suction/irrigation tubes in both continuous flow and trumpet valve systems.
  • 2-piece modular, 30 degree-angled instrumentation is in-line with the complete Laparoscopic hand instruments range of scissors, graspers, biopsy forceps, dissectors, etc.
  • 4mm Knot pushers in loop & slot configurations.