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Proctoscopy is a common medical procedure in which an instrument called a proctoscope (also known as a rectoscope) is used to examine the anal cavity, rectum or sigmoid colon. A proctoscope is a short, straight, rigid, hollow metal tube, and usually has a small light bulb mounted at the end. It is approximately 5 inches or 15 cm long, while a rectoscope is approximately 10 inches or 25 cm long. Proctoscopy is normally done to inspect for hemorrhoids or rectal polyps & allows more extensive observation with less discomfort.

STEMA Medizintechnik GmbH, Germany has been manufacturing & distributing extremely reliable Proctology instrumentation for better diagnosis & treatment. High-quality stainless-steel ergonomically crafted instrumentation not only offers unparalleled durability but sufficient dexterity for the difficult anatomical applications

procto_2 The complete product range includes, but not limited to:
  • Anal Speculums, 15-21.5cms (with detachable cold light attachments; for few models)
  • Rectal Retractors, WL 60-150mm, (with detachable cold light attachments; for few models as well as detachable blades).
  • Diagnostic Proctoscopes – dia. 16, 19, 22, 25mm or so; WL 65mm onwards till 200mm (with detachable light adaptor). Durable, metallic fabrication with improved vision & access.
  • Surgical Proctoscopes – dia. 22, 25, 29, 35 & 38mm; WL 65, 70 & 80mm assuring a clear view. All-metal framework offers easy cleaning & disinfection possibilities.
  • Sphincterscopes / Anoscopes – dia. 21, 24, 25 & 26mm; WL 50, 60, 80 & 120mm to choose the most ideal position of examination. Easy insertion & rotation flexibility.
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  • Different accessories incl. tube sets, suction/irrigation cannulas, hand-pieces, light-guide obturators, Xenon lamp, battery handle etc. also available.
  • A variety of straight & angled rectal & fistula probes and diathermy loops to cover a diverse set of surgical needs.
  • A whole new series of hemorrhoidal ligators, sponge forceps, rigid grasping forceps, rectal biopsy forceps, detachable spoon biopsy forceps, rectal syringes to adapt to the complex challenges associated with the field of proctology.