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Laparoscopic surgery, also called Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) or Keyhole Surgery, is a widely-accepted modern surgical technique in which interventions are performed through small incisions (usually measuring 0.3–1.5 cms) using pencil-like instruments as opposed to the larger incisions needed in laparotomy (open surgery).

Laparoscopic surgery belongs to the broader field of Endoscopic surgery as it makes use of the images displayed on the monitors to magnify the surgical elements.

Besides the laparoscope which is common to such surgical procedures, 3 – 10mm diameter precision instruments (graspers, scissors, dissectors, biopsy forceps, clip appliers, retractors, needle holders etc.) are introduced in the abdominal cavity through surgical ports called trocars. Such surgical instruments can de disposable or reusable or resposable (a combination of disposable & reusable).

The current generation laparoscopic instrumentation now are modular multi-part ergonomic design, usually 2-piece or more, and are fabricated from highest-grade durable stainless steel manufactured in adherence to stringent international specifications meeting exceptional quality standards. The modular design contributes towards the reduction of the maintenance, replacement & up gradation costs besides offering a remarkable versatility & intra-operability amongst various surgical instrumentation sets.

Each instrument is carefully crafted using the latest computer-assisted machine designing & manufacturing technology to match today's surgeon demands of patient safety in diameters ranging from superbly fine 3mm to 10mm in varying lengths for different surgical applications.

STEMA Medizintechnik GmbH, Germany, promoter of brand "STEMA" of reusable MIS products is a renowned OEM company with products complying to highest quality international healthcare standards whereas ORNSSON AG, promoter of brand "STERCK Medical" is a prominent manufacturer primarily in MIS disposables. With their cutting-edge design, manufacture & distribution programs both STEMA & STERCK are poised to embrace the future challenges of a global healthcare marketplace with great vigor. Myra & Co. enjoys an exclusive marketing & distribution association with both the leading manufacturers (OEMs) with an aim to revolutionize the landscape of patient safety by offering a range of high quality products to Indian healthcare practitioners.


STEMA's high quality autoclavable laparoscopes features an well-established rod-lens system integrated into an amply durable solid stainless steel enclosure available in different diameters, working lengths & viewing angles with / without current generation high-definition optics.

Reusable Laparoscopic Trocars

STEMA's reusable laparoscopic trocars are an example of high quality robust access port systems – a masterpiece of brilliant craftsmanship which boasts of exceptional safety standards besides quick & easy assembly / disassembly design. The main features includes :
  • Superb 4-part modular design.
  • Versatile laparoscopic access system exchangeable to different configurations for varied surgical applications.
  • Basket includes a product mix ranging from 3.0mm to 20mm diameter also with different length (70mm/110mm/150mm), tubes (threaded/non-threaded, metallic/non-metallic), trocar (conical/pyramidal/blunt; leaky/non-leaky) & valve (trumpet / self-closing / separate flap lever) configurations.
  • Easy cleaning, maintenance & replacement of the worn-out parts which is extremely critical to the trocar-port designs.
Disposable Laparoscopic Trocars

STERCK's disposable trocar consists of puncture needle and a shield. Puncture needle consists of a handle, cannula and a puncture tip. The shield consists of an adapter to a puncture tip, valve, cover, cover basis and sealing cap. The valve is introduced into pneumoperitoneum and connected to a device for creation of emphysema. The main features includes :
  • Single-use ETO sterilized packaging valid for 3 years.
  • Different versions in Safety Autolocking (blade), Bladeless Dilating tip & Optical configurations.
  • Sealing-cap prevents pneumoperitoneum loss due to leakage.
  • Smooth, shiny surface with no rough-spots for frictionless entry.
  • Trocar material bio-compatible with human body.
  • Reducers pre-attached to the auto-locking versions.
  • 5mm, 10mm, 12mm & 15mm versions available in varying lengths of 60, 70mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm etc.

Reusable Laparoscopic Hand Instruments

Reusable laparoscopic hand instruments product line are a result of exemplary workmanship in a superior 3-piece design of an insulated outer tube, robust insert & an ergonomic handle offering the following benefits :
  • Robust modular 3-piece design of Adult, Bariatric & Paediatric range.
  • Excellent workmanship in 2-piece design of the Mini-laparoscopy range adaptable to the same handles.
  • Ergonomic handle with superior solid palm grip for easy maneuverability of the shaft (or with tissue) during long laparoscopic procedures.
  • Proven ball-socket attachment of the insert to the handle.
  • Threaded screw-type sturdy engagement of the insert with the outer tube offering insert stability against a wear-prone click-fit arrangement.
  • Ultra responsive jaw-action reducing the surgical fatigue by minimizing the finger-thumb discomfort caused due to continuous instrument operation.
  • Finger – rotatable design.
  • Gold-pated monopolar electrode connection offering seamless conductivity by preventing energy dissipation due to inconsistent HF contact.
  • Different designs in 3, 5 & 10mm diameter configurations with 200, 250, 280, 330 & 450mm working lengths.
Single-Use Laparoscopic Hand Instruments (Disposable/Resposable)
  • Smooth surface design with adult, bariatric & paediatric range.
  • Product mix includes standard / articulating (for single port technique) instruments in different working lengths & jaw (sticky/non-sticky) versions for intricate surgical interventions.
  • Electrode part is made up of material bio-compatible to human body free from corrosion, jags or scratches.
  • Resposable instruments shall have a reusable handle with a disposable shaft + insert combination minimizing the cost of surgical intervention without compromising on patient safety standards.
  • Velum deus intercom

Suction / Irrigation Instruments
  • STEMA's wide variety of the suction / irrigation instruments in 2-piece modular design in adult, bariatric, paediatric & Mini-laparoscopy range.
  • Multiple valve (sliding, trumpet etc.), tube (4, 8, 16 or 32 drillings etc.), working length (200, 250, 280, 330 & 440mm) & diameter (3, 5, 10 or 20mm) designs with or without electrode connections (hook, spatula, needle, button etc.)
  • A disposable range from STERCK Medical to complement the reusable range for complex surgical applications.

  • Monopolar & bipolar electrodes includes an array of products in adult, bariatric, paediatric & Mini-laparoscopy domain for different surgical applications viz. hook, spatula, needle, button etc.
  • Light-weight design for precise pencil-like applications.
  • Gold-pated monopolar electrode connection offering seamless conductivity by preventing energy dissipation due to inconsistent HF contact.
  • High-quality insulation for trouble-free energy operation in a surgical intervention – thermal coupling.
  • Current generation exchangeable tip system is also available within the product portfolio.

Bipolar Laparoscopic Instruments

STEMA's reusable laparoscopic bipolar hand instruments product range is a high quality 4-piece design in an unparalleled insulated inner tube, outer tube, sturdy insert & an ergonomic handle offering the following benefits :
  • Safe & efficient operation through a modular 4-piece design.
  • Insulation all throughout the shaft assembly till cable contact point minimizing the risk of any leakage current.
  • Ergonomic light-weight handle design for complicated surgical anatomy.
  • Easy assembly & disassembly through a regular click-fit insert-load mechanism.
  • Finger – rotatable action.
  • Threaded screw-type sturdy engagement of the bipolar cable ensuring stable HF contacts.
  • Different designs in 3 & 5mm diameter configurations with 200, 250, 340 & 450mm working lengths in different jaw types – dissector, tubal ligation, scissors (with or without Tc – Tungsten Carbide), plate, needle etc. for varied surgical procedures.
  • 3mm diameter design with an extended working length of 340mm is also available in Mini-laparoscopy
  • Ultra responsive tip design - Complete jaw action with the minimum movement of the handle-lever thereby reducing the surgical fatigue by minimizing the finger-thumb discomfort caused due to continuous scissor operation.
  • Monopolar & bipolar electrodes includes an array of products in adult, bariatric, paediatric & Mini-laparoscopy domain for different surgical applications viz. hook, spatula, needle, button etc.
Other Laparoscopy Tools

Clip Appliers
  • 3-piece resilient modular design similar to other laparoscopic hand instruments.
  • Substantial cost-saving during up gradation to advanced instrumentation set as the inserts fit into the same stainless handles & shaft.
  • Well-established ball-socket joint imparting spring action.
  • Extended length of the clip-groove for a safe loading & unloading.
  • Available in 5mm & 10mm diameter configurations.

Needle Holders
  • Stainless steel design.
  • Proven ball-socket joint design imparting spring action.
  • Available in Tc (Tungsten Carbide) & non-Tc configurations with straight, left curved, right curved & self-adjusting tip designs for all laparoscopic surgical applications.
  • Different handles to suit to varied suturing techniques adopted by the surgeons which includes – axial, angular & ring handles.

  • Pure stainless steel complete take-apart design offering unmatched rigidity & strength during tough organ mobilization.
  • Available in 3 finger, 5 finger or loop design; working lengths of 330 & 380mm; diameter of 5mm or 10mm; articulating or non-articulating configurations.

Scope Holding Arms
  • Pure stainless steel scope holding assistance systems fitting into the surgical table.
  • Available with or without extension modules.