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Myra & Co. debuts an ISO 13485:2003 Medical Device Quality Management Systems Certified brand FusionKraft™ , an extensive range of the surgical essentials addressing the operating room instrumentation requirement within multiple domains of General Surgery, Gynaecology, ENT (Oto-Rhino-Laryngology), Orthopaedics, Micro-Surgery, Opthalmology, Neuro, Plastic …. & a lot more.

Expanding beyond MIS, FusionKraft™ is a step towards a complete surgical instruments portfolio of Myra & Co. & aspires to be amongst the fastest growing full-service surgical supply company in the subcontinent.

FusionKraft™ promises a wide spectrum of consistently high-quality, robust product range adhering to stringent quality standards by proving themselves on a daily basis against various challenges of the operating room. With a close co-operation with our suppliers spread globally, FusionKraft™ upholds the key values of customer-service through its dedicated, competent & well-trained network of its associates fulfilling every customer requirement.

“the hand of a surgeon can only be as perfect as the instrument it holds”

At FusionKraft™, we commit ourselves to provide a full range of superior, high-quality & cost-effective instrumentation to the surgical fraternity. With thousands of precision-crafted, high-grade stainless-steel surgical instrumentation FusionKraft™ delivers the specialized clinical care with the highest throughput.

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