Myra & Company


Our company's human force is composed of highly skilled and motivated people.

Our dedicated team of professionals, with many years of experience in the healthcare field, is our valuable asset towards operating excellence and ethical and effective practices. The continuous training of our people as well as their deep knowledge of the healthcare sector is one of the main reasons our customers trust us.

Myra & Co.'s people believe in a culture of continuous improvement of all those involved, as a foundation for the total quality concept. Innovation and initiative that releases the creative potential of the organization and places us as at the forefront of the sector is a dream we all share of. On-going learning based on training, best example comparison and consideration of accomplishments and shortcomings is what we demand from our people. Committed ethical behavior, integrity and mutual respect are what we apply within the premises.

Should this excites you towards a challenging career assignment; feel free to share with us your interests & aspirations at in specifically mentioning Healthcare Division in the subject line.